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Are you taking a parental leave and feeling overwhelmed?

We give you the confidence and knowledge you need to protect yourself when taking parental leave. You don’t have to settle for less. We help you protect your pay check, your title, and your time.

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Parental leave can feel overwhelming. In fact, it is the single largest off-ramping point for parents from the corporate world.

But we are here to change all of that.

Expecting parents taking leave

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New parents Returning to Work

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I’m Allison, founder of My Parental Leave and Return to work specialist.  After 15 years in HR, I watched women struggle with their return to work after maternity leave and I watched companies lose incredible talent.  It wasn’t until my own maternity leaves that I truly experienced the struggles people face when on leave and when returning from work.  So I decided to change all of that.  I rallied a powerhouse team of women who were experts in their fields; return-to-work experts, employment lawyers, HR professionals and mental health teams in collaboration with leaders in pregnancy and infant loss, perinatal mental health, lactation consultants and more, all so that YOU don’t have to go through what we went through.

We are stronger together.
And together we can change the working world.

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The course

Navigate your leave with confidence.

Parental leave can feel overwhelming. In fact, it is the single largest offramping point for parents from the corporate world. Too many incredible employees are leaving the workforce because employers are not prepared to support them during their transition to parental leave and return to work.

Employers and Managers

Take the burden of planning off your plate.

Tired of losing qualified employees to the confusion and complications of parental leave? When Parental Leave and Return to Work are done smoothly, with both you and your employee’s best interests at heart, you retain incredible staff. Staff that has a newfound appreciation for their management team when they feel supported and valued.

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