You have a lot of things on your plate as a manager.

This doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Let us ask you some questions:

Do you know what the tax implications are for top-ups on Parental Leave for your employees? Do you know if your employee can switch from a 12-month leave to an 18-month leave or vice versa? Do you know what the legalities are around pumping in the workplace? Do you know what to do if an employee experiences infant loss?

Our guess? Of course not!

In fact, it is dangerous to be giving any type of advice in any of these scenarios.  Because you aren’t a lawyer.  Or a lactation consultant.  Or an Infant Loss Advocate.

You are a manager.  You are great at managing people. 

But no one can expect you to know everything about everything; especially when it comes to all of the ins and outs of your employees taking parental leave.

It is unfair to think that you should be responsible for any of the choices your employees need to make… because of that full plate you’ve got on your hands… Parental leave just isn’t your wheelhouse.

But it is ours.

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See the results of the Moms at Work survey that launched the parental leave initiative that brought you the innovative new program My Parental Leave.


We make this possible.


My Parental Leave

An online course that helps your employees navigate the world of parental leave and return to work.

Look, not knowing all of the intricacies of what goes into Parental Leave and Return to Work doesn’t mean you are not a great manager.  It is 100% not your job or your place to know these things.  And in order to protect yourself, it is best to just redirect to the experts (like us ;)).

We can make all of this go so incredibly seamlessly that both you and your employees sigh with relief that you didn’t have to do all of the legwork.

We also know that when Parental Leave and Return to Work are done smoothly, and with both you and your employee’s best interests at heart, you retain incredible staff and that staff has a newfound appreciation for their management team when they feel supported and valued.

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Learn more about the My Parental Leave program

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My parental leave

We guide your parents through 4 distinct phases of the parental leave process

more about the course

We take away the guesswork and offer specific scripts and email templates for your staff to send to you so that all communication is clear and concise. Our scripts help them formally notify you of their leave, notify you of their planned return date, discuss the ins and outs of their return, etc.

Our videos teach your employees everything they need to know about their rights while pregnant and while on parental leave. We tackle when they should tell you they are pregnant, how to pick a return date, EI sickness benefits, job loss while pregnant, what to do if they don’t have enough hours for protected leave and so much more. And in case they get stuck under a sleeping baby, they can access the course from their phone!

Think of us as your curated Google for parental leave. We have collected the best resources for getting your employees up to speed on parental leave legislation and rights…which helps you navigate the ever changing landscape.
From checklists to book lists to podcasts to coaches to government website links, they can learn anything they need to return to the workplace. This also includes our own written content by our collection of experts and advisory board.

Introductory Pricing

Access for 3 months
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  • Support through all stages of your leave, when you need it
  • Unlimited all-access pass to the My Parental Leave complete course
  • Scripts for employer letters, announcements, and requests
  • Video Library
  • Resource Library, including downloads