Feeling overwhelmed? We help you navigate your parental leave with confidence.

Too many incredible employees are leaving the workforce because employers are not prepared to support them during their transition to parental leave and return to work. We are here to change that. Now you can access everything you need to feel prepared and confident during your parental leave for free. 

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The amount of unknowns can be so overwhelming.

How does EI work? Am I guaranteed to get my job back? Can I be fired while on leave? What are my rights when returning to work? Are my responsibilities going to be the same? What if I need to pump while at work? What if my kid gets sick? Now that I’ve had a baby, are they going to offer me that promotion? Will my boss think I am less capable now that I have a kid? Can I even handle the same workload I did before I had a baby? What will people think if I can’t keep up? Will this transition ever get easier? What choices do I have??  Do I even have any at all??

The hard truth is that, oftentimes, your employer doesn’t even know the answers (or doesn’t have the space or time to figure it  out…).

But we do.

We want to give you the confidence and knowledge you need so you can protect yourself when taking parental leave.
You don’t have to settle for less. We help you protect your paycheck, your title, and your time.

Who are we?

We are a team of women who have been EXACTLY where you are now.
Not only do we have lived experience, we have built our businesses around supporting people in this transition.

We bridge the gap between employees and companies to make the transition seamless between parental leave and return to work.
We give you the knowledge you need.  And knowledge is power.

You can go on parental leave with the certainty that you have the tools to succeed when you go back.

You can head back to work with a balance between your personal life and work life. No being torn up over which to choose; your work or your baby.

You can be educated about your rights in the workplace and self-advocate confidently.

You do have choices.

Imagine walking into the office
feeling empowered and ready to go on Day 1.
We make this possible.


My Parental Leave

A supported online course that helps you navigate the world of parental leave and return to work.

Look, in an ideal world, we wouldn’t need this course to exist. But we aren’t there yet, because no one teaches us these things. Employers are wildly uneducated on parental leave legislation. It’s just not their wheelhouse.

Luckily, it is our exact wheelhouse. Let us give you the knowledge you need about your rights so you can  advocate for yourself in the workplace.

The truth is, we’ve been working on this for years. This is the program we needed and now we want to take everything we have learned, everything we have advocated for, everything we’ve got, and give it to you.

We truly believe we are stronger together. 

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rave reviews

Review for my parental leave
Review for my parental leave
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What is included with My parental leave

We guide you through 4 distinct phases of the parental leave process

Yes, you have rights, and yes, this is something you can gently work through with your employer.

more about the course

If you have ever wondered EXACTLY what to say to your employer, now you don’t have to. We take away the guesswork and offer specific scripts and email templates to send to your employer. You can formally notify your employer of your leave, notify them of your planned return date, discuss the ins and outs of your return, etc using our well crafted scripts.

Our videos teach you everything you need to know about your rights while pregnant and while on parental leave. We tackle when you should tell your employer, how to pick a return date, EI sickness benefits, job loss while pregnant, what to do if you don’t have enough hours for protected leave and so much more.  And in case you get stuck under a sleeping baby, we have audio and transcripts for you!

Think of us as your curated Google for parental leave. We have collected the best resources for getting you up to speed on parental leave legislation and rights. From checklists to book lists to podcasts to coaches to government website links, you can learn anything you need to advocate for yourself in the workplace. This also includes our own written content by our collection of experts and advisory board.

Now Available for Free

3 month access
$ 0
  • Support through all stages of your leave, when you need it
  • 3 month all-access pass to the full My Parental Leave course
  • Scripts for employer letters, announcements, and requests
  • Video Library
  • Resource Library, including downloads

We created My Parental Leave because we know how hard it is to maneuver the ins and outs of parental leave. 

Our goal is that no one has to do it alone anymore.  

We are stronger together.
And together, we can change the working world to create a better life for all parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can help answer them!

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Quite a bit.  There is so much legislation that regulates what is and isn’t allowed.  And we are working VERY hard to create even more legislation around parental leave.  That’s why we are the best at what we do.  We are at the forefront of policy change.

Yes!  Shortly after launching My Parental Leave as a paid course, we realized that the people who need this information most may not have the financial resources to invest. So, with the help of donations from the Moms at Work community and beyond, we are proud to be able to offer three months access to the My Parental Leave course for free so that all Canadian parents can have the information and support they need to feel prepared for the transition to working parenthood.

This course is for all parents and we have designed it to speak to all parents!

The truth is, the majority of parental leaves are currently taken by women.  And women are disproportionately affected by biases in the workplace. 

BUT, things are shifting.  More and more men are taking parental leave either as a primary caregiver or in tandem with their partner. 
All parents need to be aware of their rights in the workplace before, during, and after their parental leave.

We recognize that everybody’s situation is unique.  My Parental Leave is a course that provides you with a ton of information. If you need additional support, we have coaches specializing in career transitions, return to work as well as parenting and sleep. Check out our coaching services here

We are constantly updating the content as legislation changes.  You will always have the most up-to-date information as it comes in.