Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL is the go-to expert on improving the workplace for women and parents and as the founder of Canada’s largest community of working moms, is a trusted voice for working mothers.

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Allison Venditti is a career coach, Human Resources and return-to-work expert with over 15 years of experience creating programs, policy and best practices that improve workplace cultures and increase employee retention.

After becoming a mother and surviving a life-altering brain injury, Allison decided to leverage her expertise as a corporate recruiter for industries ranging from healthcare to banking, to start a career coaching business to help women, and especially mothers, build meaningful careers and develop leadership skills to become changemakers in their organizations.

 She has since grown Moms at Work to Canada’s largest professional network for working mothers providing resources, community and support to over 13,000 women.

Allison is passionate about breaking down the barriers to women succeeding in their careers and motherhood and is a sought-after speaker and regular commentator for national news outlets on return-to-work, pay transparency and working parenthood.

In 2021, she organized a roundtable discussion with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to discuss ways the government could better support working families during the pandemic and she is regularly invited to provide input at the provincial and federal level on policies impacting women and families.

Today Allison is one of the few experts in Canada for parental leave program development. Allison, along with a team of experts, developed the My Parental Leave program in order to bridge the gap between employees and companies to make the transition seamless between parental leave and return to work.

When not working, Allison can be found sitting on her front porch in her favourite Star Wars tee-shirt planning her next advocacy initiative or biking around Toronto with her three boys – yes, even in wintertime.

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